Клипса ESP Adjustable Lead Clip Kits

ESP (Великобритания)

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Клипса ESP Adjustable Lead Clips Kit (цвет CamoBrawn) ETALCK009CO 535 руб 482 руб В корзину


Клипса ESP Adjustable Lead Clips Kit – клипса для безопасного монтажа с эластичным антизакручивателем. Используется в местах ловли, где монго зацепов и травы на дне водоема. В случае зацепа клиса срабатывает и оснастка освобождается от груза.
Эластичный антизакручиватель сокращает вероятность перехлеста длинного поводка вокруг основной лески в момент заброса.

- E-S-P Adjustable Lead Clip Kits can be finished unaltered to hold the lead securely in place or modified for quick, easy release of the lead in weedy/snaggy areas. The more you cut back the arm the easier the lead releases.
- E-S-P Adjustable lead Clip Kits comprise all the components to make an effective streamlined, tangle free bolt rig system.
- For efficient tangle free casting the tubing should always be longer than the hook link. This kit contains enough sink rig tube to construct 5 x 0.5 anti-tangle lead clip systems.
- Contents: 5 x Adjustable Lead Clips, 5 x Special Tail Rubbers, 5 x Hi-Performance Carp Swivels, 2.5m of 1.75 Sink Rig Tube plus swivel locking pegs and peg remover tool
- E-S-P Adjustable Lead Clips are truly versatile and can be used with heavy leads and P.V.A Bags for distance casting without risk of the lead ejecting on impact.
- Alternatively, the lead retaining arm can be cut back for more efficient lead ejection when targeting big carp in weedy or snaggy waters.