Поплавок Drennan Peacock Wagglers

Drennan (Великобритания)

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Поплавок Peacock Wagglers – поплавок, рассчитанный на осторожные поклевки  и имеющий  переменный диаметр

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Поплавок Peacock Wagglers (No5 2Swan 3g) FFPW005 145 руб (нет на складе)


Peacock Wagglers These straight Peacock Wagglers have an insert tip made from hard-grade balsa wood. This tip is light enough to main­tain the per­fect bal­ance of the quill and slim enough to increase sens­it­ivity and improve bite registration. Equally useful on still­wa­ters or slow-moving rivers, the set of six ranges from 1.25g to 4g. As with all wag­glers, these floats should be attached bottom-end only. Sizes: No1 3BB (1.25g) No2 2AA (1.6g) No3 2.5AA (2g) No5 2 Swan (3g) No6 2.5 Swan (4g)