Катушка Stratos 12000 MAG в комплекте с континентальной шпулей

Fox (Великобритания)

Описание товара

A lightweight magnesium body, unrivalled line lay to aid distance casting and, of course, its classy good looks…
Just some of the reasons why the Fox Stratos 12000 MAG reels have become some of the most sought after top-end big pit carp reels in recent years.
There are two MAG reels in the range – the FS12000 MAG with a freespool facility, and the non-freespool 12000 MAG.
The in-house design process has meant that both reels benefit from a large number of ball bearings to create power-house reels that retain the smoothness needed for winding in leads from great distances. Other key features include a Clutch Grit Guard, Slipper Stealth Clutch to allow minute clutch adjustments and a spare alloy spool supplied as standard. Features
• Freespool System on FS model
• Magnesium body and rotor material
• Twist Free Roller
• Gear ratio 4.2:1 – FS12000 • Gear ratio 4.5:1 – 12000
• Super-Slow Oscillation
• Weighs 774gr (FS), 673gr (12000)
• Slipper Stealth Clutch
• Clutch Grit Guard
• Protective Neoprene bag
• Supplied with Standard plus spare shallow spool
• 19 (FS) and 15 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Подробнее: http://www.foxint.com/stratos/
Видео: http://www.foxint.com/catalogues-products.php?lang=e&product=1805&catalogue=1&section=71#

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