Набор электронных сигнализаторов с радио на 4 удилища Fox NTX-R

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NTXr Presentation Set

The NTXr Presentation sets are available in 3 and 4 rod options and provide everything you need for a complete 'top of the range' set-up, all housed in a protective case. The Presentation sets offer a considerable saving when compared to purchasing the individual items separately.
  • CEI098 - 3 Rods Set - 3 Micron® NX-R + 1 Micron® NX-R Receiver
  • CEI099 - 4 Rods Set - 4 Micron® NX-R + 1 Micron® NX-R Receiver

Micron® NX-R

The Micron NX-R is based upon the popular NX alarm but with the addition of the capability to be used with the new NX-R Receiver. The NX-R Micron is ultra reliable and durable, like all of the new N Series alarms. Take the new D-Tec Sensing System, for example. It eliminates the need for reed switches which are usually the first part to break if the alarm is dropped or knocked. The Tru-Run Roller wheel is also included. It’s a CNC-Machined plastic roller wheel that provides silent and super-slick bite detection. Couple this with our proven See-Saw Elimination sensitivity feature and the NX further reduces false indications. A major feature of the NX-R is its battery capabilities. Like all N Series alarms, it’s powered by traditional batteries, in this case 2 x AA. The super-slick technology within the alarm means the batteries will offer a long life compared to most other leading bite alarms. The battery case also has a rubber seal and screw-fixing for optimum water sealing. More proof of the NX-R’s super durability. Features
  • Blue LED
  • Adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity controls
  • Silent mode
  • High quality cone speaker
  • Low battery life
  • Tru-Run Roller Wheel
  • D-Tec Sensing System
  • Intelligent Sensitivity System
  • Power out (2.5mm and 3.5mm jack)
  • Works with NX-R Receiver
  • Anti-theft feature (when used with receiver)
  • Easy Micron Registration (when used with receiver)

Micron® NX-R Receiver

The NX-R Receiver is designed to work with the Micron NX-R and it benefits from Fox’s Easy Micron Registration technology so it automatically syncs with your alarms and remembers the settings for the next time you are fishing. Like the NTX Receiver it has our enhanced digital electronics ensuring extra long battery life but runs on three standard AA batteries (not supplied) and is not supplied with a recharging kit. It features four LEDs on the front only and the receiver range of approximately 200m plus is less than that of the NTX but more than enough to cater for all weather conditions and swim terrains. The NX-R Receiver is supplied with a rubber case stand, lanyard and protective silicone case.

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