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Новости от Preston Innovations, Что снято с производства, а что запущенно
Сняты с производства:
- удочки серии Competition Pro
- удочки серии Equos
- удочки серии Mini Plus
- удочки серии Classic
- маркерные колышки PIMS

Запущены удочки серии Monster

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2 новые модели кормушек от Preston


Allows you to alternate feeder sizes without disassembling the entire rig. Compatible with the full range of Inter Change System feeders and products. Featuring a wide lead which improves stability, ICS In-Line Cage Feeders are perfect for all feeder fishing styles, from rivers through to marginal slopes on commercials. The streamlined profile ensures the feeders cast well and do not spin up on retrieve whilst the super strong construction means they can be used session after session
Small 20g & 30g
Medium 20g, 30g & 45g
Large 30g & 45g


Perfect for introducing small pellets and particles into your swim. Use in conjunction with a short 10cm hooklength for maximum effectiveness. The plastic and lead combination allows the feeder to be cast accurately but more importantly, means that the feeder always lands the correct way up. The Inter Change System allows you to quickly and easily change
feeders throughout sessions.  
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В поставке июнь 2018 ожидаем новинки от Престона:
- обновление линейки оснасток от Preston SMALL ACCESSORY PRODUCTS

The Revalution Storage System is a spool system with a difference, EVA spools are the best way of storing long hooklengths but now pins are not required with the rotating plastic pin.
There is an area on the spool for easy rig identification, displaying rig length, line diameter as well as hook size and type. 21 spools are supplied in a storage box which has a semi-transparent lid, helping to eliminate light from the box. Stickers can be added to the inside of the lid for further spool identification.
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