Поплавок Drennan Pellet Waggler

Drennan (Великобритания)

Поплавок Pellet Waggler предназначен для ловли на мелководье осторожной рыбы, в том числе и кормящегося на мелководье карпа

Предложение Артикул Цена
Поплавок Pellet Waggler (No.1 3г) FCPW030 150 руб В корзину
Поплавок Pellet Waggler (No.2 3,5г) FCPW035 150 руб В корзину
Поплавок Pellet Waggler (No.4 4,5г) FCPW045 150 руб В корзину
Поплавок Pellet Waggler (No.5 5г) FCPW050 150 руб (нет на складе)


Pellet Wagglers Drennan Pellet Wagglers are avail­able in both loaded and unloaded versions. The trans­lu­cent body ensures they are unob­trusive in the water and per­fect for wary carp feeding in shallow water. The unloaded ver­sions are nor­mally fished with locking shot placed either side of the float stem. The loaded ver­sions are best fixed onto the line with Drennan Grippa Stops either side of the float. In both cases, a Drennan Float Attachment will enable you to swap float sizes quickly and effi­ciently without having to rethread the wag­gler onto the line. Sizes: No1: 3g No2: 3.5g No3: 4g No4: 4.5g No5: 5g