Удилище Drennan Red Range Pellet Waggler 11'

Drennan (Великобритания)

Предложение Артикул Цена
Удилище Drennan Red Range Pellet Waggler 11' RMRPWG110 5 500 руб 5 225 руб В корзину


At just 11ft this great little Pellet Waggler rod is ideal for all small commercial waters. Its lightweight construction and perfect balance make it ideal for the repetitive process of casting and loose feeding, which is synonymous with catching carp up in the water with pellets and similar baits. The carbon blank has enough rigidity to cast a wide range of different size wagglers easily and accurately. Its progressive fish playing action is also forgiving enough to reduce hook pulls to a minimum. Reels line can be anything from 4lb up to 7lb fished straight through.