Поплавок Drennan Glow Tip Peacock

Поплавок Drennan Glow Tip Peacock

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Drennan Glow Tip Peacocks have a nice olive camp finish on the float body and include a special polymer fluorescent insert tip for high visibility. It really is surprisingly bright! glow-tip-peacocks Because the light shines through the tip, it glows brightest when the sun is directly in front of you and shining off the water. Previously, you needed a black tip for optimum visibility in these conditions. Excellent for conventional waggler work, the buoyant hollow tip means that bigger baits can be supported and the coloured bands at the baser of the tip are a brilliant aid for bite registration. Sizes: No1 2.0g No2 2.5g No3 3.0g No4 3.5g No5 4.0g

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